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"When my friends from Buenos Aires wrote me a message telling me that Devendra would be playing in Argentina on 2 dates, a smile came over my face.
He was in Chile some days before, performing at Lollapaloosa, right outside Santiago, and my new friends from Chile where so exited about it.
I asked Gaston Suaya to photograph Devendra backstage in Niceto exclusively for my blog. My sweet friend Jeronimo Turek Trosman was coordinating everything, and of course they all became friends, because you know, if your family from one side of the world meets the other part of your family everything makes sense.

So here are some shots by “Gato” Suaya of Devendra and the lovely Ana Kras, together, in my Country.


- Marcelo Burlon, “De Repente”

(via quegranladilla)